Steps For Steam Cleaning A Couch

Steam cleaning is the most effective way for couch cleaning. It’s all in one solution for the couch, the liquid vapour produced by the steam machine is high in temperature, calling it steam would be more logical and easy to understand. The steam deeply cleans the couch fabric and which removes any odour and bacteria. All the dirt and debris also loosens from the surface, which makes the sofa 100% sanitized. Steam cleaner comes with the various types of cleaning heads, choose the suitable one.

Couch Steam Cleaning

Couch Steam Cleaning

Here Are Steps For Couch Steam Cleaning

  • Step-1

    Remove the boiler cap of your steam cleaning machine. Now, add the water in the boiler, and close the boiler cap, make sure that the cap is properly closed. Attach the hose pipe to the machine and prepare the machine for cleaning. Some Couch steam cleaning machine has a safety lock, turn it on so that the steam will not accidentally release. It’s time for action, but not real action, you’ve to clean your upholstery, so plug the machine in the socket and turn on the power switch and let the machine heat up.

  • Step-2

    Bring your vacuum cleaner and vacuum your sofa thoroughly, add an upholstery attachment to the vacuum cleaner for better cleaning. But before vacuuming remove all the accessories from the couch so that it won’t interfere while you’re vacuuming, vacuum the cushion, loose seat and cover separately. Reach to every corner of your couch, use a crevice nozzle to reach the hidden area of your couch and clean it properly.

  • Step-3

    Turn off the safety lock of the steam cleaning machine. Release steam into a drain so that excess water in the hose will run off and only steam is making its way. Prepare the cleaning machine for big action.

  • Step-4

    Select the appropriate setting, which is recommended by your upholstery manufacturer, check label too. And run the machine on your upholstery, gently run all over the surface of your couch, keep checking the area for any residue or if a particular spot requires attention, clean those areas properly.

  • Step-5

    After you’re done with couch cleaning, let the couch dry in fresh air, you can dry the couch indoor as well, turn on the fans and let the couch dry completely.

Couch Cleaning Service

Couch Cleaning Service

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Professional Couch Cleaning Service

Professional Couch Cleaning Service