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7 Tips for A Stain-Free Carpet

Accidents are named accidents because they are the incidents that you do not plan, that can happen at any time and at any moment. No matter how hard you try, you can never anticipate a mishap that can leave a stubborn stain on your carpet. All it takes is a cloddish adult, mischievous kid, or a pet misadventure, and before you know it, your stainless carpet is not stain-less anymore.

Carpet Stain Treatment

Stains could not have been a big deal if only carpets were affordable. However, the carpets in the markets can cost you an arm and a leg. Well, it is true that you can not control or interpret accidents but you can still follow some stain-free carpet tips to make sure that these mishaps are not taking place very often. This blog has a lot of helpful stain-free carpet tips that you can follow pretty easily. So, instead of wasting any further time, let’s just dive into it.

Stain-Resistant Coat To The Rescue

A stain-resistant coat can prevent your carpet from getting stained from all the spills. It basically works as a barrier that keeps your carpet away from all the filthy dirt. Yes, this means that you can say bye-bye to that old and rugged-looking carpet by having a protective layer on top of it.

If you are looking to invest in a new carpet, you can buy the one that already has a stain-resistant coating, or else you can always rely on carpet cleaning professionals to apply the protective coating. Through a stain-resistant coating, you can have a longer time intermission to clean the stain before it turns into a permanent one.

Clean Your Carpet Frequently

The loom threads can stick a lot of dirt and debris, vacuuming can help you get rid of these filthy particles and prevent a stubborn dust stain. When you do not vacuum your carpet regularly, it not only builds up a horrible dust stain on your carpet but also attracts a lot of germs, bacterias, and other microorganisms which further badly impact your overall health.

Make Dirty Shoes On The Carpet A Big No

Walking on the carpet with dirty shoes can obviously leave a big shoe-shaped stain on your carpet. Your shoes bring a lot of dirt, debris, mud, sludge with them when you walk into your house. The only way to prevent staining your carpet from dirty shoes is by keeping them away from your carpet. What you can do is remove your shoes at the door & put them on a shoe shelf before you enter.

Use Rugs And Mats

The areas you think are more prone to accidents can be secured by using rugs and mats. For instance, you can put plastic rugs in your dining area to prevent staining your carpet from any food spills. Rugs and mats are smaller in size so they are easier to clean. Additionally, plastic mats are available in the market at a very cheap price.

Try To Clean The Stains Instantly

One of the best stain-free carpet tips is cleaning the stains as immediately as possible. The science behind it is to not give the stain-causing spill much time to actually deeply stain the carpet. When you act quickly, you prevent the spill from getting deeply ingrained in the carpet which further protects it from getting a stubborn stain.

Make Sure To Train Your Little Pets

It can be very difficult to have a stain-free carpet in your home when you are a pet owner. However, there are some stain-free carpet tips that can be used in this case as well. Bathing your pet regularly is one of the ways that can prevent your carpet from unwanted dirt.

Additionally, you can always make sure to wipe the paws of your little buddies whenever they enter the house. Last but not the least, potty training your pet can play a very significant role when it comes to carpet stains. Potty training them will make sure that your carpets do not have any urine stain or foul odour.

Bloat The Stains

Although bloating the stain can not completely eliminate the stain but, it can prevent the spill from turning into an obstinate stain. Most people resort to rubbing the spill which results in the stain getting more stubborn. Bloating the stain using a cotton cloth is always the best way to put a stop to the spill from getting deeply embedded in the carpet looms.

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Booking professional carpet cleaning services Today!! Fresh Cleaning Services is the best way to have a clean and stain-free carpet at an affordable price. So, when the above-mentioned stain-free carpet tips are not enough for your carpet, you can always rely on our carpet cleaning experts in Canberra to have a lustrous carpet. Contact us today to book an appointment.