Curtain Cleaning at Home With Homemade Cleansers

Curtains not only give comfort and privacy, but they are also helpful in increasing the royal look of our home. The colours and patterns of curtains provide a better look at the windows or doors. By giving you several benefits, curtains need to be cleaned regularly. By not giving them proper maintenance, you may decrease the valuable longevity of your curtains. Dirt or dust can also attack the curtains’ fibre and lead to further damages. But you can protect your curtains from these issues by cleaning them every three or four months. Through Curtain Cleaning or Sanitisation, you will also be capable of improving air quality.

Curtain Cleaning Service
Curtain Cleaning Service

How To Clean Different Types Of Curtains At Home

  • How to Wash Sheer or Lace Curtains

    If you are willing to clean sheer, lace or delicate curtains at home, don’t use a washing machine. Wash these types of curtains with hand wash methods. Take a bucket and fill it with the warm water and liquid detergent. Don’t take harsh chemicals for cleaning sheer and lace curtains, use only mild detergent to wash them. If curtains are stained, leave them into the bucket for at least one hour. Rinse and hang curtains outside to dry them. To make your cleaning task simple, you should hire experts for sheer curtain cleaning in Brisbane.
  • How to Wash Conventional Fabric Curtains

    To clean store-bought and conventional curtains, you can use a washing machine as it would be easy for you. You don’t need to use your hands but remember, don’t load your washer and use only one or two curtain panels at once. Use normal water to wash curtains, not the hot water as it can fade the colour of your curtains. Conventional or standard curtains with having ornate decorations or delicate pleats should be dry cleaned. And, for this task, you can make a booking for Curtain Dry Cleaning Services from any reliable company.
  • How to Wash Heavy Fabric Curtains Or Drapes

    For cleaning curtains with heavy fabric, you should make use of dry cleaning procedures. Don’t use a dry cleaner or washing machine to clean heavy curtains like woolen curtains, lined curtains, velvet curtains, cashmere curtains, etc. Heavy fabric curtains and drapes need to get special treatment while enhancing the decor of your home. So, don’t take the risk of fading their colour, hire Professional Curtain Cleaners to get them cleaned. 
curtain cleaning
curtain cleaning

Remove Stains From The Curtains

Cleaning curtains without taking them down could be simple, just use spot cleaning with stain removal method. If curtains have stains and you don’t want to clean them thoroughly, read the given below instructions carefully and remove stains from the curtain fabric in just a few minutes. 

  • The procedure of curtain dusting with a lint roller or a duster is an easy way to clean. This action will remove the dust, dirt and hard trash from the curtains. 
  • Hold the curtains with the top panel and run the vacuum cleaner over the curtains and take it down for removing dust from the bottom of your curtains. 
  • Mix liquid cleanser and water into a spray bottle and apply it on the stained area by spraying the solution. 
  • Wipe the area with a wet cloth. 
  • Allow the curtains to air dry. You can also hire experts for curtain stain removal and Curtain Sanitisation as this will be best to get safe services and there will be no fear of shrinkage and discolouration.

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