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Don’t Worry About Those Pesky Carpet Stains During Festive Seasons

Festivals bring joy to everyone, but the situation can different for your carpets. But guess what? You can actually enjoy the festivals without worrying about the stains. The experienced team of carpet cleaners has come up with the list of the stains that can detoriate your floor coverings, along with their treatments. So, worry no more,  and just enjoy your festivities around the home without making any worry about cleaning works. Jotting down is the list of difficult stains and how our expert team is going to remove all these. So without further delay let’s start.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Types of Stains:

Every stain can be categorized as Greasy, Tannin, Protein & non-food types. In Greasy type stains Butter & gravy stains are included, in tannin type stains the beer, red wine, pumpkins, cranberry are included, in case of protein stain cream & messed potato is included. Below some tricks of the carpet cleaning process for the above stains.

Butter Stain:

Butter stain is highly greasy stain and is an essential element in every party. It required using with roll and in various dishes. The drops of melted butter have always a risk of dripping on the carpet. Due to highly greasy it requires immediate treatment to suck out the grease from the carpet. Dab dish soap will help to rinse out the greasy butter from the carpet. To know more about the greasy stain cleaning takes help of our Local carpet cleaning Sydney

Carpet Butter Stain Cleaning

Carpet Butter Stain Cleaning


Gravy is another highly greasy food material of every party and festival. Gravy stains are also very hard to stain as like butter and can be rinsed out in the same simple process by your own. If the stain is deeper feel free to take help of our carpet stain removal services.

Beer Stain:

Beer stains are coming under the category of tannin stain. A drop in beer not only ruins the carpet life but also ruin the entire arrangement too. To get rid out from this type of stain you badly need our services.

Cream Stain:

Cream Stain is categorized under the protein-based stains. As like butter, the cream is also a very essential element for the dishes. The primary tips for the carpet meld treatment for cream stain are to treat with cold water first. Hot water treatment will make the stain permanent on the carpet.

Carpet Cream Stain Cleaning

Carpet Cream Stain Cleaning


Another highly stains causing materials there in the party is the cranberry. Cranberry is available in both sauce & jelly form. In both the form it is equally dangerous for the carpet. No matter how cautiously you eat a cranberry stain is compulsory in such event. The first thing you have to do is get first treat of the sauce to stop spreading & changing colour and in the second step call us for the best carpet cleaning and carpet stain treatment service.

Similarly, pumpkin stain, a red wine stain, sweet potato stains need to treat as like cranberry stain as all these come under tannin type of stain on the carpet.

Candle Wax Stain:

To create the best mood the candles are being used as lighting materials. But, these candles burn to produce wax which is highly stained materials for carpet floor. We have prepared for such a situation with wax removal service.

Carpet Candle Wax Stain Cleaning

Carpet Candle Wax Stain Cleaning

Why it is Essential to Remove the Stains at the Earliest?

We understand, that each one of us party hard and ensure that the things are done at the earliest, that is why we let you live breakfree, and keep the rest on us. Removing stains at the earliest is really important as in case the stains are left untreated on the carpet, they become permanent hence, at the end you may also be required to change the carpet entirely. Saving on the cost, we suggest you to call our experts. They will visit your place and clean the clutter as soon as the party ends, so that you have ample of happy memories to cherish without breaking your back. We at Fresh Cleaning Services are equipped with advanced tools and methodology, so that even your old carpet turns new only when it is treated by us. Fresh Cleaning Servicesare equipped with advanced tools and methodology, so that even your old carpet turns new only when it is treated by us.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Do not worry about the stains on your carpet as the festive season has arrived. Hire a professional carpet cleaning team from Fresh Cleaning Services and get all the stains from your carpet removed completely. Professionals are well trained and experienced in cleaning all types of dirt and removing all types of stains. The service from the professionals is safe and secure.