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How Do You Remove Bad Grout?

Grouting is not as simple a process as it seems. It needs a lot of skill and the correct technique to do grouting the right way. If grouting is not done in the proper way, it can in turn harm the tile and even crack it to spoil the aesthetics of your home. Furthermore it is very important to remove bad grouting to ensure that no harm is done to your tiles and so that they remain good and intact for long.

Similar to grouting, removing bad grouting also takes quite an amount of skill. It ensures that the process of removing bad grout does not harm the tiles in any way possible. There are a few steps that will help you make your process of removing grout easy.
Tile and Grout Cleaning

The Steps are As Follows:

  • Collect the Products Necessary: Some of the tools which you will require in order to remove bad grout. They include some of the regrouting and grouting tools, razor blade, sharp knife or a utility knife, a soft cloth, painter tape.
  • Using a grout saw to make an incision at the middle of the grout location. This needs to be done at once to all the grouts which need to be removed.
  • Use a grout scraper, a small cold chisel, hammer and knife to remove the bad grout from the tiles.
  • There are sometimes the edges of the tiles which will have quite an amount of grout stuck to them. For this you need to hold a chisel parallel to the edge and hammer it to remove the excess grout from it. Try to loosen the grout and not remove it completely. This will ensure that the tiles are not harmed in the process.
  • The tile and grout cleaning in Sydney process needs to be followed by the cleaning of the whole grout. If you have placed a painters tape on the tiles you can remove it after the grout has been removed and then wash it off with soap and scrub away the glue from the tiles if any.
  • Do not let the dust or the grout particles settle on the tile after the grouting process as this may stick to the tile and may hamper the functioning of the new grout that you have laid out.

Bad grouting is very troublesome as it not just makes way for dust and dirt, it is also a threat to the tile as already mentioned. So if you are willing to take care of your tiles and want to ensure that you do not need to spend on relaying tiles often. Replacing tiles might not always be a good idea, instead you can simply re-grout your tiles together after removing the bad grout and make sure that you can live in peace.Follow the steps mentioned above to remove bad grout to keep your home clean and keep your tiles safe. You can also call Fresh Cleaning Services to do the job for you.

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