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How to Clean your Tiles in Home

Tiles are an important addition in your home and they enhance the way your home looks. But there are different types of tiles which you might have installed at home. Thus, the cleaning of the tiles would depend upon the kind of tiles that you have. The first thing that you must understand is that, if you are regular in your cleaning routine then your home will look good. But, if you ignore the Tile and grout cleaning schedule then perhaps you may have to appoint someone who is good at it. So, if you want to clean your home tiles, just read the useful information ahead.

How to Clean your Tiles in Home
How to Clean your Tiles in Home

The Different Types of Tiles

There are different types of tiles and these include ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, cement tiles, marble tiles, and porcelain tiles.  With every option,   there would be problem of stains in the tiles and grout. But, if you keep the cleaning schedule regular, like wiping the tiles once a week with the cloth and warm water, then you can at least save the tiles to become dirty and stained.  If you have missed the schedule then you will come across strong and greasy dirt and stains. 

 The Cleaning Schedule for Tiles

  • Ceramic tiles are quite easy to clean. You must make some soapy water and take a scrubbing cloth.  Just wipe the tiles properly and you will be able to get the shining and bright tiles once again. Mostly, ceramic tiles are seen in kitchen and the bathroom. If you want to keep it simple then you can even use a vacuum cleaner and dry clean the tiles.
  • Porcelain tiles are also quite simple to maintain. If you have not cleaned the tiles for long then you can make the solution with vinegar and water. Now damp a cloth in this and wipe the tiles using this solution. After that you must wipe it with normal water.
  • Cement tiles would get dirty very quickly and thus warm water mopping is the best idea. Make sure that you do this twice a week.
  • Marble tiles are quite delicate and hence you need to have a very soft cloth and now dip it in normal water and wipe the stained area generously. 
  • Mosaic tiles are the very little tiles and hence the grout has more chances of accumulating the dirt. You must therefore use the special cleaning brush on the tiles and the grout for Tile and grout cleaning. You can use vinegar for stained tiles and grouts.
Tile Cleaning Service
Tile Cleaning Service

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