How to Re-Grout Like a Pro

Everyone needs to keep their floor dust-free and germ-free and most of the people do it very carefully. But sometimes, people ignore their grout to give them regular maintenance as the result they get diary grout and broken grout. Cleaning only tiles is not a good idea, you should also clean the grout on a daily basis. You can vacuum your floor for Tile Cleaning but what will you do for grout that attracts the most dirt and dust. And, it leads to damages in the grout lines. If you are dealing with broken grouts in your home and want to perform the Tile Re-grouting process at your own, you are reading the right blog. In this blog, we are telling you the most simple and easiest ways to re-grout the tile surface. 

Re grouting Service
Re grouting Service

Five Easy Steps For Re-grouting

There are following some useful and simple steps which will help to complete your re-grouting task. So, do your work at your home like a pro. 

Brush and Remove Old Grout

First, you have to remove the old grout so that you fix the new one. Then, vacuum the surface for removing hard trash from the surface. Then, take a knife or a suitable tool for scrapping the broken grout. Carefully scrape the grout and try to eliminate the old grout. Do it carefully, without damaging the edges of the tiles. If damages are existing, hire Tile and Grout Repair Services to fix the issues. 


After eliminating the old grout, vacuum the floor and clean the surface. You can also clean the floor with clean water. This will make your work easy and you can fill the grout area again without getting any trouble. 

Prepare Grout Mixture

Buy a reliable grout powder and read its instructions carefully. Take a small bucket and mix the grout with water until it is dissolved. You can roll or rotate frequently the bucket to make a perfect mixture. Make sure that mixture on the bottom is also dissolved. If grout powder is dry, use hands to mix well the mixture or you can use a tile tool. If you want to fill coloured grout, mix the preferred grout colour in the mixture. If you didn’t find the appropriate colour, call professionals for Grout Color Sealing.

Fill Mixture Into The Grout Lines 

Now, load the mixture with grout scoop and fill the grout lines carefully. Don’t spread the mixture over the tiles, it will create a mess. So, do it carefully and complete your work. Make sure that every line should be filled with this mixture and there is no gap or hole between the mixture. To make the grout flat, use a margin trowel. Wait for 1 hour and wipe up the tiles for cleaning the excess mixture over the surface of tiles. To get perfection in your work, contact tile and grout cleaning in Sydney.

Leave The Grout Mixture to Dry Up

After filling the grout lines, allow the grout mixture to dry up. It is recommended to wait for 24 hours to get the better result and don’t let water spill over the grout mixture until it is completely dried. Water can waste your hard work. 

Re grouting Services
Re grouting Services

Cost – Effective Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Sydney

We are professional service providers who have been leading a company with the name of Fresh Cleaning Services. Our professionals can do re-grouting without harming the tiles and its edges. We know how to deal with broken grout lines and fix them again with professional procedures. So, book us and get Cost-Effective Tile and Grout Cleaning Services at your desired place.

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