How do you Carry the Upholstery Dry Cleaning Process?

Dry Cleaning is one of the best methods to clean the upholstery. This method is used on that type of upholstery which is not suitable for steam cleaning. Our cleaners use this technique only after the inspection of the fabric. Here is our upholstery dry cleaning process:

1. We start our dry cleaning process by a thorough vacuuming which helps in attracting the loose dirt from your upholstery.

2. Afterwards, with the help of an agitation tool. our cleaners will apply a dry cleaning solution to your couch fibre.

3. After a few minutes, our cleaners will use heavy-duty vacuum machines and extracts the solution from your couch.

4. In the last step, we will deodorize your upholstery.

Upholstery Dry Service

Upholstery Dry Service