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Steps For Ink Removal From The Carpet.

In this digital age, ink stain seems a bit out of context, but for painters and writers, it’s very common. Using a pen requires skill nowadays, you have to be sure before writing, there is no turning back. You can not undo what you have done, therefore it takes heart and soul to use the pen. Coming to the point, ink charms us until it is on the paper, once it is outside it won’t look good as it was on the paper. Maybe you have artist kids who want to explore their gifts on carpets, for that you don’t have to lose the calm.

Ink stain can be removed easily, you need to be persistent while Carpet Stain Removal. For Ink Stain Removal from Carpet, you can choose between two or three methods. But whatever method you will choose stick with it till the end, switching methods in the middle can start a reaction then the stained surface will fade.

Remove Ink Stain From Carpet

Remove Ink Stain From Carpet

For Dry Ink Stain, Follow This Method.

To start with you need some lukewarm water, some soft clothes and rubbing alcohol.

Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the carpet surface affected with stain, then dab the surface using a cloth, when you do that the ink will come out on the cloth, after doing this several time the stain will start to disappear. Keep doing this the stain will go eventually after the stain is gone moisten the cloth and clean the surface with lukewarm water. Press the cloth against the surface and then leave to dry on it own. Later vacuum all the carpet to remove all debris.

Ink Stain Removal From Carpet Using Hair Spray.

Go to your local store and buy any cheapest hair spray, removing the stain using hair spray is the best way. Ballpoint ink stain can be removed with hair spray easily, to start the process of Ink Stain Removal from Carpet, apply the air spray directly on the ink stain and let it the carpet soak it after few minutes use a cloth to dab the surface and remove excess stain from the carpet. Keep doing this until the stain is gone, use a brush to scrape off the remaining residue, later vacuum clean the carpet.

Both these methods are effective for Carpet Stain Removal, you can follow it in order to get rid of the stain.

Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

Three Methods which can Remove ink Stain

  1. Rub the spot of the ink stain with alcohol, it has such chemical properties which help it to remove the stain by absorbing the ink from the upper surface as well as the inner surface.
  2. Use of detergent, vinegar and ammonia is the most common for removing the ink stain as well as others.
  3. Shaving Cream is a good source to remove the stains. The foam formed by it when it gets mixed with the water is capable of cleaning the old and new ink stains.

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