4 Diy Hacks For Curtain Cleaning At Home

Curtains are best to add elegance and style to any room and home. Curtains at windows and doors keep the unwanted dust, and pollutants away. If you don’t clean the curtains regularly they grow bacteria and germs and your home may suffer from allergies. Adopt the most effective ways of Curtain Cleaning At Home and avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage your curtains. Choose the cleaning method according to the material of the curtains and always check the label.

Onsite Curtain Cleaning

Important DIY hacks for curtain cleaning at home

1. Use a Cloth Duster

Curtain cleaning requires proper attention and if you clean your curtains daily then use a dusting cloth. Dust builds on curtain fabric and if not cleaned for a long period makes your curtain look dirty. So to get rid of the dust particles using a clean cloth a lot of dust will come out. If you have an allergy to dust particles then cover your nose and mouth before cleaning. Pet hairs also get stuck in curtains and to get rid of pet hairs use a lint roller. 

2. Use a vacuum cleaner

Sometimes dust gets stuck in curtains and makes your curtain look dirty. To take out the hidden dirt particles from curtains use a vacuum. A vacuum cleaner and comb is the best way for Curtain Cleaning At Home. To clean curtains regularly handy steam cleaner is also available. Steam cleaner helps to kill bacteria that grow on your curtains. 

3. Use a homemade cleaner

Homemade curtain cleaners are best to save your curtain from harsh chemicals. The cleaners are safe and free from toxicity as you choose the ingredients yourself. In this way, you can save your money because there’s no need to buy costly cleaners from the market. To make the perfect solution for Curtain Cleaning at home mix water, liquid soap, and white vinegar in a bottle and after that shake it properly. Spray the solution all over your curtains and wait for the curtains to dry. Turn on the fan or air conditioner or open the windows and let the curtains untouched for some time. 

4. Dry clean your curtains

If you are following DIY tips then check the proper instructions on dry cleaning the curtains. If you have no idea of cleaning then don’t take risks because your curtain may end up shrinking. A lot of homeowners prefer dry cleaning because when they don’t want to use toxic chemicals on curtains and when they don’t have enough time people prefer to drop their curtains at the dry cleaning station. 


It might be possible that curtains may get some stains which can’t be removed with normal water and other methods so mix a dishwashing detergent with warm water to remove the stains gently. For the remaining water spots, use an iron or clothing steamer. Use these best tips for Curtain Cleaning At Home and if you face any difficulty then call professional curtain cleaners at home.