The Best Procedure For Repairing Burnt Carpet

The fabric used in manufacturing of carpet is quite sensitive and light weight. Designing it with threads or loose fibers makes it more attractive. So while its maintenance you have to put some extra efforts. Even professional believe that dealing with damages is more tough than cleaning. While carpet repair firstly you have to be patience. Your one single step can destroy it even more for example if there are holes in your carpet then nailing it again and again can be harmful. So always try to take special care of your carpet if got damaged. No one can deny the fact that proper care of carpet can improvise your living spaces. Hence either for durability or extra care it’s better to contact professionals to get things fixed. Talking about the burn marks on your carpet it can be due to smoking or ironing etc. Hence it is important to be careful if want to stay away from damages. Other than this keep fire producing source away if does not want to get your carpet burnt. There are ample of treatments which professional choose for repairing the burn patches.

Carpet Burn Repair Services

How you can fix carpet burn marks:

There are some methods which professional follow for repairing burnt patches:


  • Special scissor is used to cut the burnt part from carpet.
  • Now to replace the damaged areas snip some part of carpet fiber either from edges or closet areas.
  • For fixing carpet glue or tape is used so as to cover the burnt area.



  • Cutting down the burnt patches and then washing it with detergent can refurbish shine of carpet.
  • It is important to cut the area which matches along with burnt mark. So while cutting piece of carpet must notice its color, design and texture. This can provide a refurbished look to your carpet.
  • While cutting the damaged part stop before you reach carpet padding.
  • Lift the damaged part out and fit new piece in its place.
  • For fixing issues double tape and glue is used. It is important to press it hard over the damaged part. And till it get fixed avoid walking on the carpet.

Method 3:

  • For removing cigarette burn marks sand paper is gently used on the carpet.
  • After that cut burnt patch with scissor and take fiber out from it
  • Blot the area and dry it out so that can fix it with patch. And if there is only a spot then using hydrogen peroxide with water can be effective for you.
  • Different techniques are applied by professionals for removing the burnt patches. By analyzing the problem experts make use of treatments which are well-suited for your carpet.

    Repairing Burnt Carpet Service

    Repairing Burnt Carpet Service

How our professionals can provide you effective carpet repair services?

Fresh Carpet Repair Canberra professionals make use of different techniques when it is about repairing burnt marks. Thus with their extreme knowledge and foremost services they can deliver best carpet repair services to you.