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Why Should You Consider Having Air Quality Test More Often?

Air Quality Testing

Do you remember, when was the last time you had air quality test in the home or office? The majority of you will say ‘No’. In fact, many of you may have not even considered having the air quality tested ever since duct system installations. Well, you may not know or you may ignore the fact, but the quality of air is directly related to your health. Poor air quality can cause serious health issues such as breathing problems, heart problems and in severe cases, it may lead to cancer.

Sick Building Syndrome or Toxic Home Syndrome is the most common problems the homeowners and office workers are facing.  In such conditions, the members suffer from symptoms like headache, shortening of breath, stress, fatigue, and more. And having the air quality tested on a regular interval of time can help live a happy and safe life.

What is Air Quality Testing?

Not a single test can detect the air quality of your premise. A number of tests are needed to diagnose air quality testing in the home or business. These tests include carbon monoxide testing, mould growth test, and presence of many other chemicals or radioactive compounds. If the presence of any such conditions in the home is detected, you need duct cleaning services immediately. It is advisable to hire duct cleaning companies in Melbourne for performing these tests in the safest manner. Following are the issues that need testing across your property:

Duct Cleaning Service

Duct Cleaning Service

Combustion Pollutants

Your gas stoves, furnaces, ovens, grills, and kerosene heaters produce many harmful gases in the home. Carbon Monoxide is one such gas that causes hundreds of health issues and can be life-threatening as well. And, carbon monoxide testing can save your life. Exposure to this poisonous gas can cause a severe headache, dizziness, stress and even death.


Radon is another life-threatening gas that enters your premise through cracks and crevices in the walls. This is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can cause as serious issues like lung cancer. This gas is the major cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

Mould Growth

Presence of mould in the home can also cause several issues like asthma and skin allergies. Mould development takes places where the air is humid, and your ducts can be an easy target.

Ducting Mould Growth

How Air Quality Testing Can is Beneficial?

Air Quality Test in the home or the business is extremely important and offer you an incredible number of benefits. Following are the benefits that may encourage to have the air quality test more often:

  • It helps you detect the presence of carbon monoxide in the home.
  • Air quality testing helps to eliminate a number of allergies.
  • It helps to identify the contaminants and allergens present in the premise.
  • Also, saves family or office workers from Sick Building Syndrome.
  • Moreover, it lowers the energy costs.

What to Do After Air Quality Testing is Done?

Wondering what’s next? Well, the next step should be taken in the rescue of the family members and business colleagues. If the presence of any radioactive or harmful gas or compound is detected, you need to have professional duct cleaning services. Hire the experts from Fresh Cleaning services for your best help. We offer the best duct cleaning services at the most reasonable prices. Along with cleaning, we also offer duct repair Melbourne services. Call us today and we will reach your places will the necessary tools to make your premise free from kind of harmful allergens.